The need

Watch&Time had its humble beginnings from the need as an industrial engineer to have a simple and non-intrusive app on a smartphone.  Coupled with my exploration into iOS app development, I developed something that I can use that is simple and functional.

The App

Watch&Time is a flexible lightweight app to complete time and motion studies for any type of operations. The app provides a customisable and reusable activity (timer) setup to allow the use of the app in factories, offices or construction.

Watch&Time has the following features:

* Time study – timing of activities of a person or machine
* Activity sampling – random or interval based sampling of a person and machine across a period of time
* Customisable activity setup, called timers and timer items
* Graphical display of results
* Export of results to another application or send as an email
* Quick count – ability to count items over a set time period.


My other apps

I created another little app during my off time called Oldkia.  It is a keyboard that acts like the old Nokia style keyboards.


Chris Bos is a nerdy industrial engineer that has a broad range of interests.  Including app development, machine learning, business architecture, Lego, good music and a taste for craft beer.